Tochtech Technologies Adds Trellis Seniors to Its Portfolio of Sleepsense Clients

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Tochtech Technologies’ bed exit and sleep monitoring platform will provide the highest quality of safety and care to seniors at Trellis Seniors’ three sites in North Vancouver, Kamloops and Sechelt

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tochtech Technologies is pleased to announce the company has added Trellis Seniors to its growing portfolio of Toch Sleepsense clients. The award-winning bed exit and sleep monitoring platform will be implemented across Trellis Seniors’ three sites, which provide more than 430 long term care beds throughout BC.

Trellis Seniors, a leading long-term care provider with homes in North Vancouver, Kamloops and Sechelt, is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of seniors and their families. Trellis’ decision to adopt Sleepsense for all their beds, is a significant milestone in the growth of Tochtech’s Sleepsense client community.

“We are honoured to work with Trellis Seniors, and we are confident that Sleepsense will help Trellis Seniors achieve its goals in enhancing quality of care for residents,” said Jessica Yang, CEO of Tochtech.

Trellis Seniors’ commitment to providing the highest quality of safety and care for its residents is exemplified through the adoption of Tochtech’s award-winning Sleepsense technology. The platform is designed to enhance resident well-being by addressing critical aspects of care, including fall prevention, sleep quality improvement and pressure injury management.

Mary McDougall, CEO of Trellis Seniors, expressed enthusiasm for the organization’s investment in Sleepsense, “At Trellis Seniors, our foremost priority is the well-being of the residents we serve. Our decision to integrate Tochtech’s Sleepsense technology into our homes aligns seamlessly with our mission to offer personalized care that prioritizes safety and comfort. By leveraging this state-of-the-art solution, we expect to proactively prevent falls and better support care needs through the timely alerts issued by the Sleepsense solution. We are also excited by the ability to help improve sleep quality, which ultimately contributes to overall well-being and quality of life.”

Tochtech’s Sleepsense platform has gained widespread recognition for its effectiveness in achieving quality of care goals, with clients reporting positive outcomes in resident care and safety. Toch Sleepsense is installed in thousands of beds in North America, the UK, Australia and Asia.

Sleepsense has a proven track record of success in other long-term care facilities, resulting in a 38 per cent reduction in resident falls and a 25 per cent improvement in resident sleep quality contributing to an overall positive impact on resident health and safety. Additionally, Toch Sleepsense offers a unique pressure injury management feature that aims to support improved quality of life and care compliance.

The implementation of Sleepsense at Trellis Seniors which commenced with trials in July 2022 at Hamilton Village Care Centre, previously part of the Trellis organization, reinforces the innovative platform’s reputation as being the next generation bed exit solution, and solution of choice for progressive senior care providers.

About Trellis Seniors:

Trellis Seniors is a premier long-term care provider dedicated to meeting the unique needs of seniors and their families. With a commitment to excellence, Trellis Seniors focuses on providing personalized care that prioritizes safety, comfort, and overall well-being. Trellis is Accredited with Exemplary Standing and values innovative technology solutions in pursuit of their vision to create joy in life and aging…by caring, connecting and celebrating.

About Tochtech:

Tochtech is a leading technology company specializing in innovative solutions for senior care. Their Sleepsense technology is an award-winning platform designed to enhance safety and well-being by monitoring bed exits and sleep patterns, contributing to a higher quality of care for residents in long-term care facilities.


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