Research and Reports

Toch Sleepsense has been independently validated and assessed for accuracy, reliability and value in a range of real life and controlled laboratory environments. The following are research projects and studies completed and currently being undertaken:

Toch Sleepsense bed-exit feature testing by Bruyere Research Institute in a complex care environment (COMPLETED)

2023 JANUARY 31

Overview: Toch Sleepsense was tested to assess the technology’s ability to provide care staff in a complex care environment with real-time information about the bed existing activities of residents at risk of falls or residents wandering during the night shift.

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Toch Sleepsense laboratory testing by Carlton University and AGEWELL SAM3 (COMPLETED)

2023 JANUARY 24

Overview: Toch Sleepsense was put through a rigorous testing to determine the accuracy of the sensor and its capabilities through a series of laboratory objective tests that simulate the real-world use case scenarios, such as varying positions of sleep on the bed, different beds and varying positions of a reclining bed, that would be expected. 

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Evaluating Toch Sleepsense in value producing in relation to the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare (COMPLETED)

2023 FEBRUARY 10

Overview: The assessment reviews Sleepsense from the perspective of Patient Experience, Population Health, Care Team Well-being and Reducing Costs.

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