Our Story

Toch Sleepsense was designed and developed in response to the tragic situation being experienced at long term care homes as a result of COVID-19. The pandemic has intensified staff shortages and burnout in senior care homes. The situation is particularly critical during the night when staffing levels are reduced based on anticipation that most seniors sleep through the night. The reality is that seniors often are not able to sleep through the night, and medical emergencies and falls occur, overwhelming staff.

Toch Sleepsense has been designed to augment in-person checks, provide monitoring when care staff are not present and help reduce human error, by offering an additional layer of safety. Using high precision sensor and proprietary algorithm to report on heart and respiration rates and detect in bed and out of bed status, alerts are sent to care staff when abnormal vital signs or an out-of-bed status is detected.

Toch Sleepsense the latest product by Tochtech Technologies, a digital health company based in Canada that is dedicated to the safety and wellness of seniors.