Laurel Place Care Centre & Chalmers Lodge Assisted Living commence pilot of Tochtech bed sensor technology

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Tochtech Technologies is delighted announce that Laurel Place Care CentreSurrey and Chalmers Lodge, Assisted Living, based in Vancouver, have commenced independent pilot projects of Tochtech’s latest Sleepsense bed sensor. With a focus on high risk and memory care unit residents, care leaders at both Laurel Place and Chalmers Lodge believe that Toch Sleepsense can help increase safety for high risk residents through its fall prevention and emergency notification capabilities. “We are always looking for innovative technologies to enhance the safety of our residents, and Sleepsense definitely caught our attention” said Liezel Hippsley, Site Leader at Laurel Place Care Centre.

Placed under the frame of the bed, Sleepsense is able to detect body movement, in and out of bed status and vital signs (heart and breathing rate). Real time alerts are then sent directly to caregivers’ smartphones or a nurse call system when a health or safety risk is identified. Sleepsense ensures care staff are constantly updated on the status of residents without having to physically check on them, and will alert staff on residents most in need of assistance. This is especially critical as most senior living providers struggle with adequate staffing levels during COVID-19. “We are working with our pilot partners to ensure this vital information collected and identified by the Sleepsense bed sensor gets to the right staff at the right time, so the necessary action can be taken – additionally, the dashboard provided offers critical information in real time.” said Jessica Yang, CEO of Tochtech.

“The management and staff are delighted to be trialing this technology. The installation went smoothly, and staff have been well supported with training and help. The ability to customize the monitoring of each resident based on their needs, will help enhance our ability to offer personalized care to our residents” said Lara Fares, Director of Care at Chalmers Lodge.

Toch Sleepsense was the recent winner the 2020 AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge Competition.

Senior living providers interested in benefiting from the Sleepsense technology can contact Tochtech at 1-800-360-1286 or and discuss a 1-month free trial.

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