Toch Sleepsense bed-exit feature testing by Bruyere Research Institute in a complex care environment. (COMPLETED)

Description: The Toch  Sleepsense bed occupancy sensing technology was installed  into 15 rooms for a period of five months, within the Ottawa based Courtyards on Eagleson, All Seniors Care retirement community for dementia care. Funded by the Ontario BioScience Innovation Organization's (OBIO's) Early Adopter Health Network Program, the research and coordination of the project was run and administered by researchers at the Bruyère Research Institute and in collaboration with the AGE-WELL SAM3 National Innovation Hub. 

Summary of Conclusion: Overall, the technology functioned and provided 'out-of-bed' alerts to the night staff with 10 errors across the months of October to December, included. While technical challenges were experienced, none of the issues were directly related to the Toch Sleepsense device. Staff were asked to reach out to the research team in the event of a false alert or lack of alert, in which case the issue was investigated. Staff were also asked to answer a short Likert scale questionnaire about their overall impression of the system. The results were positive.