COVID-19 has forced the senior care industry to find new and innovative ways to keep seniors in care homes safe when staff shortages and burnout are realities.

The Next Generation Bed Alarm

A bed sensor designed to increase safety and provide peace of mind

The Toch Sleepsense gives care providers peace of mind by addressing the most critical areas of senior safety – fall prevention and health emergency alerts.

“Sleepsense offers an additional layer of safety for residents.
It provides continuous monitoring to augment the in-person checks that staff in senior care are required to conduct throughout the night, especially when staffing levels are low.”

Jessica YangCEO, Tochtech

What is Toch Sleepsense?

Toch Sleepsense is an innovative bed sensor that uses high-precision sensors and our algorithm technology to provide real time information on:

  • In and out of bed status for timely intervention
  • Heart rate and breathing rate
  • Sleep assessment and report
  • Central monitoring and business dashboard

Toch Sleepsense alerts caregivers if a senior is not in bed or a health risk is detected allowing caregivers to intervene and avert a potential fall or serious medical emergency. Notifications and alters are sent to smartphones or can be integrated with nurse call systems.

Placed under the frame of the bed, Toch Sleepsense is uniquely designed to detect body movement and vital signs no matter where the sleeper is positioned.

Toch Sleepsense was recently awarded the 2020 AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge Award.

Toch Sleepsense is feature rich compared to the Competition

Frank Engleman in his blog series ‘Problems and DIY Technology Solutions’ on the challenges faced by older adults notes that non-wearable sleep trackers can be useful for family members wishing to track changes in their loved one’s sleep patterns. Engleman in his review compares Beautyrest Sleeptracker, Withings Sleep and Toch Sleepsense, and found that “while all three products work, Toch Sleepsense has some extra features which I found to be useful”. Read Engleman’s full blog.

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Toch Sleepsense Benefits

…many residents do not sleep through the night. Toch Sleepsense would be beneficial during the overnights when there is substantially less staff

Lynn Steele

Founder & President

Canadian PPE Network

(Provider of Personal Support Worker Network)

There is so much opportunity for human error. Toch Sleepsense brings peace of mind that residents are well cared for through the night

Andrew Trinder

Director Operations – Senior Living Program

Vancouver Resource Society

Reduce risk of resident falls

Continuous monitoring of residents ensures staff are alerted when a resident is out of bed allowing for immediate intervention to help prevent falls.

Immediate intervention in a medical emergency

Real time notification of abnormal vital signs (heart and breathing rate) allows for immediate intervention to help improve medical outcomes.

Reduces risk of liability for seniors’ home providers

Improved ability to mitigate risk due to human error. The Sleepsense reporting feature offers documentation of alerts and critical events.

Reduce staff burnout and stress

Sleepsense augments the in-person resident checks and ensures staff are informed of residents’ status at all times

Providing families with peace of mind and comfort

Enhanced safety and knowing that critical risks are being monitored through the night enables families of seniors to feel comforted and confident that their loved ones are in the best of care.

Provides vital information for care plans and medication feedback

The automatically generated Sleep Log and Reports offer valuable sleep information as input for care and medication plans.

Toch Sleepsense Unique Features

Real time status of in-bed / out-of-bed status

Real time monitoring of heart and breathing rate

Seamless integration with nurse call systems

Automatic night light safety when sleeper gets out of bed

Bed sore care management

Enterprise tool for central monitoring and management of residents

Sleep quality analysis report and recommendations for improvement

No wearable required